emails not sending to btinternet

Are there really just two of us having this problem? We have received reports that emails to email addresses are being blocked. on Not receiving @btinternet email. Thank you anyway. any proposed solutions on the community forums. 19h32. Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution ? Thanks for your help - I can now send messages to 'external' accounts from the iMac and to all addresses from the MacBookPro so I should be satisfied. If everything works fine in webmail, you may need to check your program settings. Accounts that are inactive for six months . BT Email - best practices for postmasters and senders of email. 15h33. (The fix did not work until I had quit Mail and relaunched it. 17h25. Also, the web interface seems to be working just fine. After some trial and error I found that btinternet was objecting to my "signature" containing a link. 20h35, BT Mail | | Cannot send mail, Re: BT Mail | | Cannot send mail, Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. That sounds like something has been stuck in a queue somewhere. I exited and restarted Mail and was then able to send emails again. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information Those who wish to hold on to their email account just have to log in from time to time to keep it active. on Has anyone experienced this problem. If I send a message to this group it gets to 10 for the group but not the other 4, all of whom have btinternet addresses. @Simpson39 try this link MisterW, bobpullen. ), on I expect that they are simply burying their heads in the sand and do not look at all. Millions of broadband customers are set to see their bills hiked in the coming weeks, many by 14 or even 17 per cent. Today all of our emails addresses would receive, but not send. It has just hiked his bills by another 6 a month and he feels penalised not rewarded for being a loyal customer for over 20 years. The advice from forum users is to do nothing such as changing passwords or deleting and resetting up accounts as this invariably causes more problems than it solves. on Townman, Gandalf. Both server names are mai;, both IMAP usernames show my email address; Ive tried entering my IMAP password into both the incoming and outgoing servers and when I click on the tick so show that everything is entered, I get this error message almost immediately: The connection to your email server timed out. My two contacts on have asked a number of times if I have received their emails, and I haven't. 6h00. This was a pain, but I went along with it or else I couldnt use email. 10h59. Sadly not the same as my experience. to know I'm not alone. It is useful Anne that you have posted a similar experience on this topic, for it helps to see if there is a common issue. We shall never know, but fingers are firmly crossed that the service will return to normal. 20h33 Thank you, JW. All other emails to other systems have no issues. The problem is also affected by the addressee. Doing so can save hundreds of pounds. Unable to send mails to btinternet addresses, Re: Unable to send mails to btinternet addresses. This started suddenly about 5 or 6 weeks ago. If you click on them we may earn a small commission. Help with setting up your email > Other tips: Check that email addresses are typed correctly Check spam folders - genuine emails sometimes end up in there by mistake RobbieMac. I can send messages on iPhone and webmail but not via Apple Mail on either of my Macs (MacBookPro and iMac). So we can look in to this further, could you provide us with the full bounce back message you're receiving and the email headers. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the. on Clearly, somewhere, somebody in BTs email service provider organisation has made a change in their configurations, or there is a fault. After 6 mos., if selected you will be billed $10.99/mo. This is NOT 'A solution'. 14h00, on Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Thanks for the suggestion. They also sent a test email from a PC using an outlook client and that didn't come through either. 23-04-2021 My wife has a btinternet email account linked to mine and yet she is not having any problems sending messages from Apple Mail. @stevebrass Thanks, but same result as before. This morning I clicked on the email icon on my phone and was again asked to login. From haggling to threatening to switch, how YOU are fighting back against the great broadband rip-off, End this bill charade, says RACHEL RICKARD STRAUS: Broadband firms should offer fair and predictable prices, What you need to know about money every week: This is Money podcast. 14-07-2019 No disrespect intended as your advice is probably based on years of experience of BTs service! Can you please hold the power button on the phone and iPad until you see a menu and choose power off. This has made me want to look a bit further and so I found the Community. 1-800-MY-APPLE, or, If you cant send or receive email on your Mac, Sales and To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Though any rejection on our side should be returned back to the sender as a bounce. Our standard shipping option is via Royal Mail airmail. provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations There have been problems with the BT IMAP/POP servers stopping email clients from accessing the users email account for years. Might that apply in your case too? 26-08-2021 The issue has resolved itself on my MacBookPro (macOS 11.5) but it's still there on the iMac (macOS 10.15). Any ideas? Go back to: Email help. This will work as long as your old email account is still active. 2 users liked/thanked this post: 14h56, on What does this mean? Having the same problem myself today - unable to send emails from my account. on For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. It's reassuring not to be alone. If not, how do we get a moderator involved? on Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. Send yourself a test email. Today all of our emails addresses would receive, but not send. 'All of my contacts have it. Thanks for the super fast analysis and reply. Read more about failed deliveries and messages from "MAILER-DAEMON" or "Mail Delivery Subsystem". It is they that should investigate why other email providers don't have this problem. Delays in Emails being delivered can arise from a multitude of reasons. - last edited on Yes they do and they can send successfully to my Metronet email from ipad and PC using a gmail address, I have sent you a pm with the raw text source header from an email sent 13th April which only arrived this morning. Looking through previous posts I see this has been a regular problem. A Virgin Media spokesman adds: 'There is a cost to us to provide an email service and so it's not something we'd provide free of charge to former customers.'. I can take the same message and copy it into gmail and send from there and it gets through with no problem. I installed the outlook App on my iPad and it works perfectly I'm afraid. 19h14, I never said it wasn't a BT problem and should be addressed by BT or that it has not been going on for years without resolution but the only way it will be resolved for the OP at this stage is by contacting the Postmaster to have his domain white listed to the extent that it satisfies BT. Below is an article to help guide you through the process. I anybody else having this problem. Will post another update when he gets a formal response from BT but I wondered if anyone else has noticed any change/ started receiving btinternet emails that they were not getting before? If this post helped, please click the Thumbs Up and if it fixed your issue, please click This fixed my problem. ), having escalated the issue, within one hour, I was able to send email again from all devices and from all applications. 15h24. mingoslkd, call 16:52 EST 04 Mar 2023. 19-12-2022 on Log in issues. You can link any BT email address to another broadband or Premium email billing account. 09-07-2019 11-07-2019 21h18, I have got my email working again. I have tried sending individual messages and simple test messages but nothing works. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. , updated 2) Set up a forwarding system on your old email account so that all new emails are automatically redirected to your new email address. I entered my password into the incoming and outgoing IMAP Email Servers, (; the ports default to 993 incoming and 993 outgoing I had a feeling that the outgoing was not correct, that it should be 465. What can be done to fix this problem please? 15h22, on A warm welcome to the forums. We receive the following message when we try to send from our Mac. It's easy to get answers to your questions: BT Tech Experts is a technical help service available 365 days a year. There have been problems with the BT IMAP/POP servers stopping email clients from accessing the users email account for years. As regards your other points have a look at these threads and that is only a few of the recent ones and make up your own mind about getting BT's attention. Uninstall and Reinstall Mail app A. Uninstall - Windows Key+X > Click Windows Powershell (Admin) > Copy the below and paste into Powershell and Enter I can send & receive the bt emails using the Samsung mail app. I just tried to send a message to an 'external' btinternet account on the iMac and it failed again. Have you had the chance to check if the issue persists on a different user account? I was about to post exactly the same question; I've prepared a draft text, so might as well include it here and hope that someone has a solution. I am not receiving emails to my Metronet account from at least two contacts with btinternet email addresses. No links of any sort and it still bounces, coming back with the messages unable to deliver after repeated attempts. 23-04-2021 They are in my "sent" folder but never get to the account Other addresses work fine. PaddyB. Yesterday, I managed to contact BT via webchat. I've rebooted twice and reinstalled Office 365 without success. What can we help with? The accounts work on BT Webmail, both to receive and send. So it seems to be something between Android and BT Mail. P.S. btinternet email server refusing to send outgoing issue can clear itself after a day or two" proves to be the case. Log out of your email account then, Using an email program? Any suggestions please, User profile for user: He received emails from me okay (from my Metronet email address) but I wasn't getting his replies. None of the posts I have seen are the same as my problem however. ask a new question. Its been a few days I can't send emails from my Mac & Iphone Mail app; however I recive emails. This seemed like the best place to highlight this and ideally BT will remove the spam filter stopping these emails.The sending domain name Then power on the phone and iPad and tell me if it still has the problem. My husband has opened a ticket with BT and provided them with the timestamp in formation from the delayed email. I can send test messages to my iCloud e-mail but not other addresses. on 10h38 I installed Spark on the iMac but it can't login to my btinternet mail account (it can't establish a stable connection) so I cannot test it with another client. Something went wrong. The whole ISP domain is blocked. Comic should be in the grade given in the listing title. Get our superfast unlimited fibre broadband, Flexible and affordable sim only deals with no contract, Our network reaches over 99% of the UK, so we've got you covered, Low on minutes, data or texts? 14h17, on Hi@stevebrass thanks for your reply, ports and email addresses are all ok and in line with your suggestion, the one thing that I can't find when entering those details is the SSL Encryption - the option just doesn't seem to be there with the MS Office Outlook app / in combination with my Samsung S10. This isn't just a small delay. I can send mail to my iCloud email OK on both machines, which I could not do when the problem first arose yesterday. How can we as customers get BTs attention and ensure that there is a fix? Unfortunately, I haven't kept a delayed mail but I will extract the source header from the next one that comes through and send it to you. In theory, they could switch to a free email address, such as Gmail or Hotmail, but doing so feels like an insurmountable upheaval. I consistently receive this warning: whenever I try. Problems with sending btinternet emails through Apple mail on all devices iPhone, iPad and Mac, Cannot send mail The sender address was invalid. 23-04-2021 3) Import all of your contacts from your old account to your new one. BT email addresses end with, and This is going to need looking at by their email support team. Although port 587 will usually work, port 465 is the recommended port. I can receive emails. For email, I use Microsoft Outlook (from Microsoft Office, not email on my Samsung S10 phone and on my laptop. I just hope Andy_N's observation that "theissue can clear itself after a day or two" proves to be the case. Anyone else experiencing the same issues? Sorry but how do I PM you, and what details do you need? 20h31, on Why cant my email address have in the display name? Thanks for your reply, Townman and thanks to Anne too. Its probably not directly relevant to your problem, but who knows with Apple!! Read more about failed deliveries and messages from "MAILER-DAEMON" or "Mail Delivery Subsystem". Ive also tried not using advanced settings at all with exactly the same results as described above. I am not having any such problems with my iCloud server so I do not think its a snag with Apple Mail. It takes a while to get a reply from the Postmaster but they will respond. As soon as I removed that link all was well again. BT email addresses end with, and Townman, Gandalf, anneoconnor. Welcome to our community forums @IanHill, sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with emails making it through to certain contacts. on We always endeavour to grade correctly and , This amount includes seller specified domestic shipping charges as well as applicable international shipping, handling, and other fees., on Hi - I am no longer able to send e mails from my bt account on my phone or iPad when connected to the internet. The problem usually resolves its self in a day or two. - We do not send parcels to PO BOX addresses. The destination account that I am using for tests is another btinternet account (my wife's) - in fact it's a subaccount to my own account. BT need to deal with this at a high level, NOT an individual user's account. Will post any update that I get. 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